Thoughts & Thinkings – 10-16-19

Adding some thoughts I came across in my study notes from 04-09-2015
The Study was in Luke Chp 16 and a parable; I will be expounding on the notes.
Luke 16:20 – 31 – the rich man and Lazarus.
ATCtoMind with Verse :28
The rich man pleading with God that his brothers be warned so that they don’t end up on the wrong side of the gulf upon their deaths.
Understand that when these flesh bodies die we, our spirit with it’s soul returns to paradise.
All return to where they came from upon their death, heaven; this is where paradise is.
During this dispensation of time, this eon, paradise has what is understood as a gulf.
All souls go to one side of the gulf or the other.  The dead are in-fact very alive…
Since the time of the Creation of our souls, which are us, we have never dies…
We came from heaven, so we will return to heaven for judgment, but first…
The Millennium, a one thousand year period called “the Lord’s Day”…

Awaiting judgment…
Many believe that after

We came from heaven and we will return to heaven awaiting judgment…
Either they make the 1st resurrection or they don’t
They either have their “immortal” body or one that is subject to the
2nd death which is the blotting out of the soul at judgment

I would like to just take a moment for myself
and thank my God, YHVH
for trusting me with even a wee bit of His awesome Knowledge & Wisdom

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ATCtoMind – 02-11-19

they fight against the beast as it slanders, lies & cheats – It deceives –
YET by their very action in addressing the foolishness of the request,
one must digress, for they will regret the stupidity in this childishness.
They reason as a child while looking through eyes of senseless maturity.
They feed the beast in bliss, clueless of their ignorance, they never rest.
This beast, It grows & grows, discord it sows, it’s presents is supernatural.

Consider this beast as a feast for those lost in stupidity; for they do eat.
They drink, they drink the gall, they drink it all; they rest in ignorance. They have the gall to call it all; right is wrong, up is down, in is out, life is death, light is dark. The darkness of deception blankets their perception.