some Thinkin this day – 02-03-2020

8:04am – a sports 1/2 Time;

a “celebration to our selves, from our selves, about our selves, for ourselves:
After all, why else all the human EFFORT if not to serve ourselves.
And there-in lies one of the biggest LIEs spread onto the mind-of-man:
And so; the Show, those 1/2 Time Shows, Seriously: Spending our moments like this! … You should see the original thinkins on the subject of  America’s “moral” health…

Sound Christian Reasoning develops as we begin to understand why we are here.
Why was our intellect, with it’s “soul” placed into theses bags of flesh anyway???
Why is their so darn much activity taking place in that 1st single moment of…
Conception: What would you think about the fact that it is “that” moment

In a “Christian” Nation, are there that many of our Christian sisters and brothers so fricken clueless as-to not even understand how this Offends…
No, it’s not this event, not at all, this is just the reflection…
It is within our “Christian” Nation, our Foundation…
Our choices, our  moments; our minds that do…
Do we choose to serve the mind’s desires…
Or do we choose to server our Father’s.

A “healthy” Christian Nation could not have such Discord in it’s “leaders” as we are now reminded of, every single day; as we slip further into the slumber of stupidity.

We should all ponder our mind’s activities; and not just the brain parts:
It is within the “mind” that God placed our “intellect” – that’s our spirit.
How else would you think a Super’Natural Being would communicate…
With a blood pumping muscle of flesh, or a highly complex brain unit…
Haven’t you ever pondered just how does God talk with His children…

Things to Consider; dig deeper into your “reason” find out what your “internal Dialogue” is about; after all, it is in there, somewhere, that God is waiting on us to…
Do our pets have conversations with themselves, and no, not us just “believing” it so..
02-11-2020 9:08am


Daily Note’ings to note 02-09-2020


just found another Knugget!…  upStairs, where the forehead workings are: This has to do with those little things one can do for themselves, well, really doing it for God; that’s what it’s really all about in the end, returning home with God’s favor:

Let’s take “entertainment” – when you’re looking for a movie to entertain your minds with; Consider this knugget of reasoned understanding for our times:
IF you have any ‘knowledge’ about a stars, actors, personalities, peoples that you know, sports figures, and in your heart, your mind. you know things about that “personality” that would offend God, your Heavenly Father then….. in that Moment know it in your own heart and reasoned in your mind; and then Consider even weening yourself off of watching movie that those folks star in;
keep it to yourself, no need to broadcast that you’re having a “change of heart” with just a few things in your life: God is very aware, and is watching those of His children that are “mindful” of Him, It’s that simple!… And what “image” are we created in…

If you really wanna show your Heavenly Father that you want to “truly” get to know Him, personally then trust yourself that God truly has the very best for you in Mind regardless of what you might be going through during your short stay on earth in these bags of flesh:  Do your damnedest if needed be, to no longer “support” those “elements” in your mind’s life; after all where do you really “think” your “spirit” is, in your heart: And just how would a “muscle” engage a spirit, it’s your intellect, it requires more than just the “flesh & blood” of a muscle, it requires something so much more complicated, a nervous system while in the flesh, and a way of communicating, a brain, like the one “in” the “forehead” “sealed in the forehead” Use common sense when reasoning the “mechanic of how our “nature” could communicate with a Super’natural Being capable of indirect but precise communication with His spiritual creation… is really that simple…


Consider this Knugget 02-04-2020

4:52pm  -Here’s a knugget for reasoning up in the forehead:
The measure by which you treat God is that measure by-which
the thingy is reflected back onto you: an eye for and eye works…
Think of it like this, if you think of God in any other way but of that which He is, and He sees you are in-fact not putting any effort into actually learning what it is that might “please” the One you “believe” has saved your soul; and you want what
You want God to hear your prayers: He already does… > What are you asking
You want God to listen to you: Listen to him! > Do you know what He’s saying
You want to know “how” to listen to Him: That’s has no easy answer, But we…

One thing that does seem to get results, be mindful of those “little” things that you think might please a Loving Father that truly wants the very best for you; however during this “time-out” in the flesh, there are restrictions. Well, He is a Supernatural Being. And when He thing easier things do get in “your path”
Be mindful of those “little” thing that might please  Him.
How about this on: He knows you know that He looks for proof. After-all how many times has someone said to you; “prove it”
That one always gets me, sometimes even to tears, I will get to thinking and then start laughing to the point of tears a timer or 2


Thoughts & Thinkings – 10-16-19

Adding some thoughts I came across in my study notes from 04-09-2015
The Study was in Luke Chp 16 and a parable; I will be expounding on the notes.
Luke 16:20 – 31 – the rich man and Lazarus.
ATCtoMind with Verse :28
The rich man pleading with God that his brothers be warned so that they don’t end up on the wrong side of the gulf upon their deaths.
Understand that when these flesh bodies die we, our spirit with it’s soul returns to paradise.
All return to where they came from upon their death, heaven; this is where paradise is.
During this dispensation of time, this eon, paradise has what is understood as a gulf.
All souls go to one side of the gulf or the other.  The dead are in-fact very alive…
Since the time of the Creation of our souls, which are us, we have never dies…
We came from heaven, so we will return to heaven for judgment, but first…
The Millennium, a one thousand year period called “the Lord’s Day”…

Awaiting judgment…
Many believe that after

We came from heaven and we will return to heaven awaiting judgment…
Either they make the 1st resurrection or they don’t
They either have their “immortal” body or one that is subject to the
2nd death which is the blotting out of the soul at judgment

I would like to just take a moment for myself
and thank my God, YHVH
for trusting me with even a wee bit of His awesome Knowledge & Wisdom

*** TyF
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