Political Stinkin Thinkins – 12-08-19

5:58am the Wad Squad
wanna know why you don’t hear much of the “Squad” on the News anymore – because they acted like ASSES long enough and hard enough, getting enough attention to where the “leadership” of the party CAVED to the whining and now…..
Now the insolent adolescent IDIOTS are running the show of the DemonRatic Party. In other words, the Kenites now have a foothold in our Christian Nation’s Government –
it was the ?ITCH Pelosi that opened the door when she allowed a kenite to not only be sworn in office, into our “Christian Nation’s Government BUT to do so on a fricken Koran – a Bible NOT of; The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob BUT of…. Satan
How fricken foolish, even for the blind. IDIOTS! They proclaim their Christianity
and yet seem VOID of any genuine or even “True” connection to God, let alone to know Him: If they truly knew His word and were yet of sound mind, they would be terrified of how God, the Father is viewing their “work” the “fruit” they are producing for His children, what are they being feed.  The Harvest is coming.

They mock Him, denie Him, curse Him and then have the gall to say they know Him; It is Written, the point: depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.Matthew 7:21-23

The adolescence that seems to have taken over the Left side of our Government has  gotten so bad that all they ever seem to do anymore is play make-believe
It is Written that this is the generation who’s leaders will have the minds of children.
Isaiah 3:4
And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them

Here’s one to think about:  A few years ago the whole FRICKEN PARTY denied God Himself 3 times – anybody starting so see what going on were, HELLO…
6:06am – all I got to say about that interesting bit of typing is… thank you Father, this is interesting insight of a Truth….