Daily Note’ings to note 02-09-2020


just found another Knugget!…  upStairs, where the forehead workings are: This has to do with those little things one can do for themselves, well, really doing it for God; that’s what it’s really all about in the end, returning home with God’s favor:

Let’s take “entertainment” – when you’re looking for a movie to entertain your minds with; Consider this knugget of reasoned understanding for our times:
IF you have any ‘knowledge’ about a stars, actors, personalities, peoples that you know, sports figures, and in your heart, your mind. you know things about that “personality” that would offend God, your Heavenly Father then….. in that Moment know it in your own heart and reasoned in your mind; and then Consider even weening yourself off of watching movie that those folks star in;
keep it to yourself, no need to broadcast that you’re having a “change of heart” with just a few things in your life: God is very aware, and is watching those of His children that are “mindful” of Him, It’s that simple!… And what “image” are we created in…

If you really wanna show your Heavenly Father that you want to “truly” get to know Him, personally then trust yourself that God truly has the very best for you in Mind regardless of what you might be going through during your short stay on earth in these bags of flesh:  Do your damnedest if needed be, to no longer “support” those “elements” in your mind’s life; after all where do you really “think” your “spirit” is, in your heart: And just how would a “muscle” engage a spirit, it’s your intellect, it requires more than just the “flesh & blood” of a muscle, it requires something so much more complicated, a nervous system while in the flesh, and a way of communicating, a brain, like the one “in” the “forehead” “sealed in the forehead” Use common sense when reasoning the “mechanic of how our “nature” could communicate with a Super’natural Being capable of indirect but precise communication with His spiritual creation… is really that simple…


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