3 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. According to the Bible, the important part of the Journey is the end and it’s going to be like smooth sailing right up to that moment of Aposticy, then it’s really going to get interesting, maybe for a month or 2, depending on just when the “deadly wound” is healed; then the whole world but for God’s sealed gets their “awaking”
    And shortly after that; BANG, “in the twinkle of an eye” all living “matter” and man-in-the-flesh shall see, and it’s going to be one hell of a Lucid awaking for some. Imagine being so complete blinded from “Truth” that on the other side of that “twinkle of an eye” moment, that other 90% of the brain, the “mind” is turned back on. hahahahahah Hell, some may have believed all their life they were a girl only to find out they were a boy… oh-well, deception is alive an growing in this ebbing generation. The Harvest is coming.

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