Consider this Knugget 02-04-2020

4:52pm  -Here’s a knugget for reasoning up in the forehead:
The measure by which you treat God is that measure by-which
the thingy is reflected back onto you: an eye for and eye works…
Think of it like this, if you think of God in any other way but of that which He is, and He sees you are in-fact not putting any effort into actually learning what it is that might “please” the One you “believe” has saved your soul; and you want what
You want God to hear your prayers: He already does… > What are you asking
You want God to listen to you: Listen to him! > Do you know what He’s saying
You want to know “how” to listen to Him: That’s has no easy answer, But we…

One thing that does seem to get results, be mindful of those “little” things that you think might please a Loving Father that truly wants the very best for you; however during this “time-out” in the flesh, there are restrictions. Well, He is a Supernatural Being. And when He thing easier things do get in “your path”
Be mindful of those “little” thing that might please  Him.
How about this on: He knows you know that He looks for proof. After-all how many times has someone said to you; “prove it”
That one always gets me, sometimes even to tears, I will get to thinking and then start laughing to the point of tears a timer or 2


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