Political Stinkin Thinkins – 12-08-19

5:58am the Wad Squad
wanna know why you don’t hear much of the “Squad” on the News anymore – because they acted like ASSES long enough and hard enough, getting enough attention to where the “leadership” of the party CAVED to the whining and now…..
Now the insolent adolescent IDIOTS are running the show of the DemonRatic Party. In other words, the Kenites now have a foothold in our Christian Nation’s Government –
it was the ?ITCH Pelosi that opened the door when she allowed a kenite to not only be sworn in office, into our “Christian Nation’s Government BUT to do so on a fricken Koran – a Bible NOT of; The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob BUT of…. Satan
How fricken foolish, even for the blind. IDIOTS! They proclaim their Christianity
and yet seem VOID of any genuine or even “True” connection to God, let alone to know Him: If they truly knew His word and were yet of sound mind, they would be terrified of how God, the Father is viewing their “work” the “fruit” they are producing for His children, what are they being feed.  The Harvest is coming.

They mock Him, denie Him, curse Him and then have the gall to say they know Him; It is Written, the point: depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.Matthew 7:21-23

The adolescence that seems to have taken over the Left side of our Government has  gotten so bad that all they ever seem to do anymore is play make-believe
It is Written that this is the generation who’s leaders will have the minds of children.
Isaiah 3:4
And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them

Here’s one to think about:  A few years ago the whole FRICKEN PARTY denied God Himself 3 times – anybody starting so see what going on were, HELLO…
6:06am – all I got to say about that interesting bit of typing is… thank you Father, this is interesting insight of a Truth….

Political Stinkin Thinkins 10-21-2019

Speaking of Pelosi and her antics

she should use it for good” that’s a nice thought for Nancy however the facts are; there are souls born into this generation that are just nasty, mean, evil, wicked; influenced by Satan.
These are in-fact reasons for why we ever had to leave our first Estate, Heaven, in the first place. This is and was our Natural place of habitation; the place all humans that have ever lived came from and will be returning to at the time of the death of the flesh body.
When one takes the necessary time to study this Topic of the Scriptures with understanding it,  it becomes clear that it is the souls of “those” children, the ones that followed Lucifer in the 1st Earth & Heaven age that were primarily slated for this generation.
Think about it with common sense, if you wanted to give the fairest chance for everyone, the good and the bad; it stands to reason that you would want to test  them up against that for which they failed the 1st time. Satan shows up here on earth de’facto in the last generation, which we are in and have been for the past 70 years now and counting… to 120

Something bad happened eons ago, before the foundation of this earth age was ever laid.
Something must be done, after all this is Heaven and we are a free willed spiritual being.
A Plan was to be set in motion, a Plan of Salvation. A test, if you will, for the spirit’s sake.
Children like Nancy Pelosi are of the last generation for that testing; and why not!
After all, the Creator of our souls only want the best for His children, bad ones too.

What better way to test the heart & soul of man but by one so grand as Lucifer once was…
Will they choose God this time, or will they be deceived again by Satan as the antichrist…
Give them all the power they demand, untie their hands,  let them dictate their will on man…
Stand by, watch, then understand the power at  Satan’s hands when he arrives as antichrist…


It is where we came from because… of the overthrow where it is Written the
1/3 of all of us followed who to so many is called Satan…
When you put all the knows “facts” together correctly uou will discover
if; if you have been blessed by our Creator with EtoS & EtoH.
That’s eyes to see and ears to hear, to understand what God communicates to
humanity during this dispensation of time, of which we…
We are the last generation of all that have come and gone since the overthrow
where the 1/3 followed Satan, called the Morning Star…
And now here we are; and you wonder why things seem so far out of wack compared
against “sensible reasoning” It’s because of…